Examples of conference topics

System planning in the presence of uncertainty and deregulation

  • Modeling of systems and components

  • Integration of distributed generation

  • Integration of massive off- and on-shore intermittent generation

  • System reliability, security and adequacy

  • Small and large system dynamics

  • Insulation coordination

  • Power quality

  • Asset management techniques and asset simulation

  • Sustainable energy systems

System operation and control

  • On-line control, FACTS and HVDC

  • Control centre technologies, EMS

  • Black out prevention & containment

  • Dynamic Security Assessment

  • Protection, special schemes and control integration

  • On-line monitoring, PMU and WAMS

  • Generation scheduling

  • Congestion management

  • Substation automation

  • Smart grids

  • Demand side participation and response

  • Vehicle to Grid

  • Micro Grids


Technical implications of energy markets and regulation

  • Power system economics, Pricing

  • Market coupling

  • Transmission pricing


Other emerging issues


List of techniques include:

  • Modeling and simulation

  • Optimization and mathematical programming

  • Uncertainty & risk management methods

  • Control theory

  • Communication technology

  • Signal processing

  • Computational intelligence including evolutionary techniques, ANNs etc.

  • Machine learning and statistics

  • Semantic web technologies

  • Cyber-physical systems


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